Blurred image and inconsistent character spacing

Dear All,

I'm using CorelDraw 7 and I have experienced something unusual. I created the attached image (Better 1) using my home computer. When I open it using my office computer and it gives me an error message saying that the font cannot be recognised (something like that). But I used 'Aerial' font and it's in my office computer. When I select the 'Aerial' font in my office PC, it opens but the image is blurred and I can see an inconsistency in character spacing (please see '25Kg'). Could you please help me to rectify this as I have tried to find a solution so like 5 days now. I even reinstalled Corel in my office PC. 

Kindly note that both Office and Home PCs have the same Corel version and the Windows version (Win 10). Really appreciate your help on this.

Thank you.