Locking a vector pattern fill into an object


I am an infrequent user of CorelDraw and generally only use it to make greetings card for friends and family.

I have spent all of the morning and two hours of this afternoon trying to make a 3d gift effect with a vector fill I have made myself, I was hoping that all I would need to do was draw a rectangle and use extrude but it soon became clear that this would not be feasible.

My next thought was to make three rectangles fill each with the fill, use the perspective tool and group them together. I had a full head of hair this morning! I'm sure I must be missing something but every search term I can think of brings me back to the same pages.

This is what I want to achieve To do this I had to convert to a bitmap and use Paint

This was the filled object I had in Draw

And this is what happens if I try to add perspective The shape changes but the fill remains static.

I have tried to group the object and fill but this is not an option. The "Transform with object" in the object properties keeps the fill at the correct size as the object is scaled but makes no difference if the shape of the object is altered.

I am sure I am missing something really obvious and any suggestions will be received with gratitude. Thanks