Conditional text in Coreldraw

Is there any way of doing conditional text in coreldraw with print merge.

We are creating business cards for a client where we do a print merge for about 100 cards in one lot.

For the telephone number the layout it

Tel: <xxxxxxxxx>         Mob: <xxxxxxxx>

If the mobile number is missing we want to auto remove Mob:

And if telephone number is missing we want to auto remove Tel: and move Mob: to the left.

Any help will be highly appreciated

  • I think it can be done on the database:

    Remove the tags Tel and Mob from the corel document… and include them on the database before the numbers… as a prefix ¨Tel:  "  and "Mob:  ¨" … and the same for your second inquiry, you can condition that from excel… or the software you are using, there is an option for that