Vectorizing a low Resolution Bitmap

Good Moring Guys,

i have a little problem by vectorizing a bitmap.

The picture ist low quality, but there is no better one.

I want to make a sticker of it with my Summa Cutter.

So i need clear layers an just shapes, but Corel Draw X7 seperates the diffrent Colors bei thounds of dots.

Can anybody help me please by telling me how to edit the vector grafic to use it with a cutter.

I post the Image below, thanks for help.


  • Unfortunately, there's not an automati ay to do it in just one or few steps. The best way is to use one the Pen tools and manually draw it. It's not so difficult, according your level of experiencecould take a few minutes or one hour, but the result will be as accurate as you need. Moreover, you can use spot colors (such as Pantone) for a better color separations

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