Vectorizing a low Resolution Bitmap

Good Moring Guys,

i have a little problem by vectorizing a bitmap.

The picture ist low quality, but there is no better one.

I want to make a sticker of it with my Summa Cutter.

So i need clear layers an just shapes, but Corel Draw X7 seperates the diffrent Colors bei thounds of dots.

Can anybody help me please by telling me how to edit the vector grafic to use it with a cutter.

I post the Image below, thanks for help.


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  • First off, do you think this resolution is fine? Is it clean enough for the final size of your sticker?

    Is so, here's what I'd do.

    1 - From CorelDRAW 2017, edit your bitmap image so it opens PhotoPAINT. In PP, tweak your image with INTELLIGENT BLUR. Play around with the tool until you gt your desired result. SAVE. It will appear in CD as your transformation.
    2 - Vectorize your logo using Corel's tool.
    3 - Duplicate the whole drawing, weld it all together. Add a contour cut around this new object.

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