Objects become invisible (depends on zoom, OLE objects)


I face the problem that some objects (bitmaps, text and OLE) become invisible when the (OLE) object itsself is changed or another object is added to the same page. I have to mention that I work with several OLE objects (Graphs from OriginPro) that are embedded into CorelDraw. The problem seems to be related to the OLE objects, because it typically occurs after one of them is changed or added. The "hidden" objects appear again when I closely zoom into them, such that several of the other objects of the page are outside of the viewing field. This leads me to the guess that the preview/rendering of the image is somehow aborted, maybe because the process is too time consuming...

Is there any option to control this process better? I don't care if it takes a little longer, but just having a random number of objects invisible in the page is hard to work with.

Apparently people reported similar problems in the past, but these topics are already 5+ years old and the suggestions there didn't help me. 

I can also upload my files, but I think that will only be useful for people with the OriginPro software to see the graph objects correctly.

I would appreciate any help!

Thanks alot,