Contour around text

Hello everyone !

I use Corel to make stamps. Basically, I send my Corel file to my laser machine which will then carve and cut the rubber.

My question : would there be an easy way to make a contour around my texts so that it would adapt to the exact shape of the text (and not merely a rectangle). 

It would save me quite a lot of time and material.

Thanks in advance !!


  • You can use the Contour tool on Artisitic text. After doing so, you could "break apart" the contour group to get a simple Curve shape.

    Getting the best results might involve some exploration of how the Contour tool - with its many settings - works.

    One trick that some people use for that sort of job is this:

    1. Create a 1-step outside contour, making the contour distance fairly large in order to force it to be a curve with a single subpath. This is easier to do by using the Contour tool interactively, so you can see what it is doing as you drag the mouse.
    2. Break the contour group apart.
    3. Select the curve that was created, then create an inside contour to bring it in closer to the original content.
    4. Break the contour group apart.
    5. Delete the temporary curve that was created in Step 1.