Bug Report: Duplicate Offset Defaults NOT Staying Set In Options Menu

So, I've noticed that "default" seems to mean anything but what is found in the Oxford Dictionary of the English Language, especially when it comes to engraving and graphic software. CorelDraw, sadly, seems no different in this.

Under Options>General, in the Duplicate Offset box, the default--that is, what the base CorelDraw engine sets it at EVERY TIME YOU LAUNCH IT--is 0.25". I set it to 0. Save it. Close out the program. Voila. CorelDraw sets it back to 0.25.

So, basically, CorelDraw ignores my setting and does what it wants, when it wants, regardless of inputs, which means that some other "feature" is likely the culprit in overriding defaults, and from what I can tell, there is no way to tell what is causing it beyond blaming Microsoft (because they'd NEVER make something that would break other software, right???).  I'm going to chalk this up to a huge, PITA bug because when you're doing a lot of jobs through the course of the day, and use Duplicate as much as I do, it becomes a huge pain in the $%^&* to have to keep resetting the default.

With the bug identified, how about a work-around? Maybe an .ini text file command line to override the engine as it is launching and permanently set the default to ZERO? "But the EULA and ToS hurr durr!" Too bad. It's obsolete, no one expects this to be supported anyway, and it's old software that is breaking down in the face of OS progression. Seriously, if it comes from Corel, no one is going to care, and it's not asking for something that causes security issues. It's a command line-level tweak to end-run around the default scripting error.

Where is the .ini file that the launcher executable queues to located? And before you ask why I'd want the default at zero, it's because I can then hold SHIFT down and simply slide the object to the side and keep going.