Control + D

If I select an object (lets say a circle), then [NumericKey + ] to duplicate it, grab and drag some distance to the right, this moves the duplicate to the right, then press Ctrl+D, sometimes it duplicates the circle and moves the new copy to exactly the same distance to the right.  So, many Ctrl+D makes many copies to the right of the last one.  Imagine duplicating pins in a connector.   But sometimes when pressing Ctrl+D is asks me the distance to move, and I can't make it repeat the last copy / drag / paste.  Why is that?   CorelDraw X7.

  • I got away from using Ctrl+d some time ago. Select a shape, hold control and drag left or right as needed but before letting go of the shape hit the right mouse button. That creates a duplicate, now just hit Ctrl+r as many times as needed or I use a macro.

    With the macro I set the distance I'd like in the nudge field then I just select the shape and hit the letter "f". I instantly get a duplicate of the shape, if I want a duplicate that's butt up against the orig then I can do Ctrl+f.

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