Colour problem when printing

i am using Corel Draw z7, it does the job for what i need it for and feel comfortable with it!....i have been using a epson xp312 printer to print sticker labels - sadly it died last week as it was a trusty old thing that done the job well, i have just bought a epson wokforce wf3820 printer i am using the same designs in corel draw and the same sticker paper...when printing out the colours are different, the black looks washed out and is nowhere a good a black as on the old xp312 printer...other colours are different as well...any help would be most welcomed and appreciated.

Could this be something to do with the setting in corel draw or the printer settings, dont really want to mess about with the settings as not sure what im changing and they've been perfect before this printer, hence why i would ask the professionals!

Apologies if this is the wrong place or appears a dumb question, its my first day on here with you guys.