Coreldraw Freeze with finecut

first of all, i'm french people and sorry for my english (thanks to google trad!!).
I have a question for you regarding the Coreldraw product.
I'm using Coreldraw X7 with a Mimaki CJV150-160 plotter. Everything is OK for the printing part. However when I want to use Finecut 9 to do the cutting, CorelDraw freezes and I have to kill the process or shutdown the computer.
To cut with Finecut 9 I have to delete all the content of the objects and keep only the outlines. In this case it works correctly.
Has anyone encountered this problem before and have an explanation and find a solution to resolve it?
Thank you in advance for your answers.
  • Similar setup here. We only have FineCut on one workstation, our RIP Station, for print/cut only. We actually make all the cut lines, cut layer, registration layer etc. from different workstations using our own macros. Once the file is all setup we then open the file from the workstation that has the FineCut program and proceed. Don't know if this helps for your case but....

    p.s. using FineCut 8.6