Page # contains objects that fall outside the page - Corel's "I Spy Game".

I see this when exporting to PDF.

I compose with Snap to page yet something falls "outside". Wireframe view gives no clue and Print Preview is the same. So item by item I cut and paste objects to another page, test PDF export to search for the offending piece THAT'S ONLY A HAIR OFF. Time, time and more time playing a game.

Just need one guy in the coding chair to change the message to "I Spy on Page # that it contains objects that fall outside the page". Then it becomes fun .. is it the rectangle? No .. is it the image? No ... is it the border line? No .. is it the glow or drop shadow? No ... is the giraffe with sunglasses on?


This message drives me nuts and IMHO is inadequate and nothing more than Draw acknowledging a defect within itself as acceptable. Makes it very difficult for me to upgrade. I'm boycotting upgrades until objects that fall outside the page are identified or shown in some manner. Employers and clients only pay for production, not extravagant puzzle solving.

  • Without see the CDR we only can imagine...BTW I'm not sure to correctly understand your problem

    I compose with Snap to page

    Snap to page doesn't means to "force" objects to be inside page. It's just a "magnetic" help for align. Let suppose you have a rectangle, and align the left border to the page egde. If the rectangle has a 2 mm outline, and it's centered to the outline, it will be 1 mm outside the page. The "Snap to page" doesn't place the outline inside the page, just align the center of the outline to the page border,

    Moreover, if the rectangle has a Dop Shadow around, and it's centered to the object, part of the drop shadow will exceed the page border. Once again, the "Snap to page" will use the object itself, not the "effects" nor outline width. There's a lot of possible situations, such as a cruve that include a handler of a node that exceed the page

    On the other hand, if you export as PDF with zero bleed, the size of the PDF will match with tne page size.

    A CDR could be useful to a better understand the problem

  • I compose with Snap to page yet something falls "outside".

    If I use "Snap to Page" to snap a bitmap to the edge of the page - as shown in the screenshot below - then the Print dialog shows the "Output doesn't fit on media" warning.

    If I reposition the image to X = 0.001", then I don't get the "Output doesn't fit on media" warning in the print dialog.

    I'm not making excuses for CorelDRAW; just reporting my observation that snapping an object exactly to a page edge can produce that warning.

  • Thanks all for replying but I don't see that I can upload a file. Anyway, I'll be able to find the offending object myself, I don't need help with this. My main complaint is if CorelDraw *knows* objects fall outside the page, it should not keep it secret. Highlight the objects in Object Manager please.
    Also, there's a statement, "Details: Any parts of the object that fall outside the page will appear cropped in Acrobat Reader"
    This does not entirely happen. Maybe the object is unseen but the page size has increased to accommodate the secret unseen object.

    So the way I play the I Spy Game is to make a second page. Item by item I cut and paste to the next page, try export to PDF until I get the dialogue bot to appear on the freshly pasted object. Grrrrr.