What is the maximum number of fonts supported by Corel Font Manager?

In light of some users now hitting that limit, I thought I should post this information.

CDGS applications including FontManager *only* allows for 65534 font families.
If all families had all their possible members (weight variations), that means 65534 * 18 = 1 179 612 fonts.
So the short answer is : over a million.
If you go past that number, we may crash or some fonts could not be used within the app or the wrong one could be used. There is also no easy way to get the number of families you have currently. Generally, it is probably around 3/4 of your total fonts as a lot of font families only have 1 member and those which have more have 4 (bold, italic, bold-italic and normal).
  • I have Approx. 35000 Fonts in Folder & Sub Folder

    Installing Font in Corel X8 Font Manager is not Working & Hang at Some Point. Also not Able to Install all font.

    What i had liked is in Corel X7. Easy to Install All Fonts. Also Tweaks also works. Like, Install Single Font or 3 to 4 Fonts from Font Navigator & Rest your Corel Software do as the File is missing with some font it automatically shows the fonts where we have all Fonts in Folder & Subfolder, it give options to intall temporatry / Permanant. Very Easy. this Tweak also not happening in X8.
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