Question for Windows System Fonts Maven

Which native [protected] Windows font renders the symbols in the Context Menus of Windows 10.

In Windows 8.1 it is Segoe UI Symbol [seguisym_0.ttf]. But this has changed, I believe, in Windows 10. The glyphs for the 'greater than' and 'check mark' and bullet point symbols are different.

Immensely grateful for help on this point!


  • In CFM, you can view all the glyphs in the font. It has over 8000 glyphs so it it probably there somewhere.

    But most of them are inaccessible because, I think (did not verify) that this font is using UTF-32 encoding which is not widely supported by applications. CorelDRAW doesn't support it for example. You could instead these glyphs as standalone glyphs however (the standalone glyphs are those with a grey background) in CorelDRAW.
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