How to index in X8 font manager (like "find fonts" back in bitstream)

Recently made the jump from X6 to X8 and have enjoyed the font manager's ability to utilize more of my font collection.  But I haven't figured out how to get Font Manager to re-index a folder I already have set up when I drop a new font file in it if that makes sense.  For instance, if I have a folder on my machine called "Additional Fonts" and it's already indexed in FM, then I get a new font and drop it in that folder how do I get FM to re-index that folder and recognize that I just dropped a new font in there?  In Bitstream Font Nav, you'd just go to file/find fonts and select the folder and it would scan through and the new font would appear in your optional fonts to install.  

I would think you would drop the font in that folder, open Font Manager, click on the folder on the left side (in my case my 'Additional Fonts' folder) and hit the "Refresh" button at the top.  Problem is that my refresh button is greyed out.  

I just added a font now and the only way I was able to get it to appear was to save and close my file in CDR and restart CorelDraw.  After that I could see it.  Is that the only or best way to approach a new font with X8 and Font Manager?  Thanks for your help!