x8 FM not finding my fonts?

So i recently purchased the x8 Upgrade (from x5)  and FM is not finding all my fonts?  I'm attaching screen shots to try and help explain what I mean... but I don't know what to do?  I tried adding the fonts folder (and it was being really slow) so I let it run overnight... i came in this morning to find, that it was still "Analyzing Fonts"?  All the fonts seem to be loaded in Corel Connect (although admittedly i still don't understand what corel connect does, see fig 1.) but in FM, it's missing A BUNCH of fonts (See fig 2.).  Since corel support team refuses to help me out in ANY WAY, and will not contact me the way they've said they would numerous times.... I've decided to reach out to you fine folks in hoping to get some kind of answer! Thanks.

 Fig. 1

Fig 2.

PLEASE HELP!!! Because Corel sure isn't! [8-)]