X8 Text->What The Font not enabled

After an excruciating chat session with what passes for Corel support I'm informed that I need a plugin to make this feature work. Unfortunately no one no where no how can tell me where I'm supposed to get this precious plugin. Not the Corel support weenie, not anything at MyFonts, nothing on a variety of web searches. Help. Does anyone here know how to lay hands on this plugin?

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  • thats a complete lie, I have been  using corel since it was born, and when the feature was added, never a plugin was needed , except installing the corel capture feature, my guess is Corel broke relations with What The Font, now not a single connection makes it to the server

    or if you remember What The Font web layout changed, maybe the codes or who knows changed too and Corel is too lazy to update their codes to make them work again

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