Is there a solution hidden somewhere to get CorelDrawx8 64 bit to run with the faulty font manager?

There has to be a better way to find an answer to a similar problem faced by many.

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  • Personally, I work with FontExpert. It's practically flawless.
    I've tried Corel's Font Manager, because it seemed so easy to use. But many font families appeared with dingbats and strange symbols instead of the right characters. So, I went back to FontExpert and everything went back to normal.

    My experience.
    Corel Font Manager: Easy to use, easy to find everything you need. Font are easily categorized. Font become faulty.
    FontExpert: Everything CFM has and more. Not so easy to use, interface pretty complex, takes some time to get used to. No problems with font none whatsoever.

    CFM: FREE with CDR
    FontExpert: 59$ US.