Repetitive tasks

I'm looking for a way to streamline my workflow. I have multiple objects that need to be resized to different exact dimensions, I select the object and then move the cursor to highlight the dimension selection on the property box, input the dimensions, then repeat. is there a way to set a hotkey or macro to select the box so I don't have to move the cursor to highlight it every time?

  • Depending on exactly what you need to do, you might consider macros. This is one I wrote that is pretty good at resizing things:

    #21: Macro - "Adjust Objects; Retain Positions" (AORP).

  • For quickly setting the dimension of an object, here is a tip I learned from Ronny Axelsson:

    In CorelDRAW's workspace customization, find the "Size" command that is present on many of the Property Bars:

    If you assign a keyboard shortcut to that command, then you can display it by using that keystroke. The command is displayed at the cursor location, and automatically has the contents of the Width field highlighted. So, you can simply type over the existing Width value, tab to the Height field, type over the existing Height value, and then press Enter.

    That looks like this: