coreldraw product key already used

Hi everyone im new to this forum. 

im slightly stuck here, I have coreldraw home and student x8. when I bought this software it said it was for upto 3 computers. I have been using this software on my laptop for around 2years and now my son wants to use this on this laptop. after he installed the software he used my product key to activate it. a message pops up saying the key is already being used. 

can someone please help me

Thanks in advance


  • You can access your license information

    You can contact support here

    We can't help you. I can't even get them to give me a license key for software I own on a single computer after a forced windows reinstall. When I check my account what I own isn't even listed. So I'd check the DB first and make sure you are listed as owning the software before you do anything else. My copy was X8 as well. Seems like they have implemented a new user DB that maybe up to date for more recent software but failed at loading all the data from older versions. Check your account first before proceeding.

  • You should read this thread.

    Gerard Metrailler over 2 years ago

    Hello all,

    Let me jump into this discussion to provide more details. Over the years, the vast majority of the Corel products were licensed on the basis of 1 license = 1 computer (and this is also very standard throughout the software industry). This also applied to CorelDRAW for volume licensing as well as for boxes and download versions in multiple countries around the world.

    After careful review of the actual number of activations per serial number, we confirmed that only a small percentage of CorelDRAW customers around the world install the software on more than one device today. This is the reason why we unified our End User License Agreement a few months ago.

    We fully understand that a small percentage of our customers have been installing our software on more than one computer and only using it on one device at a time, as per our previous EULA. For those customers who are upgrading to the latest version and have previously installed their product on more than one device, we have made sure that the activation process would allow them to continue to use the latest version in a similar way.

    We also continue to allow for the transfer of a license from one computer to another. Simply make sure you uninstall CorelDRAW Graphics Suite from the old device with an active internet connection, as this will release your license to be re-installed on another computer.

    Happy CorelDRAWing!


    Did you do the install on the second machine while the other machine did not have an active session of Draw? That was how this was done initially.

    I get the feeling you have zero chance of installing on a second computer as the EULA was changed as was the licensing system.