Dialog Box is Blurry When Saving.

Its a bit difficult to tell here since the image is already blurry, but you can see the left hand Corel export box is blurrier in this image. All of the text and icons are blurry. Its not a huge thing, but Im curious why this happens with just Corel.

  • To everybody whi found that CorelDraw itself looks fine, but "open" and "save as" dialog boxes looks blurryy - fonts are not clear while in other apps it is fine. Most probably you are on 1080p and higher screen and Windows 11. The solution is easy:

    In appl ist found your Corel.

    Right click and choose Additional - "Go to program location" to open an explorer window with the location of Corel alias (Windows\Start\Programs\).

    Right click on Corel and there "Show additional options" - "Properties" - "Compatibility"

    There you need a button "Change Hi DPI parameters" , tick the bottom checkboxs and choose "Application" in the dropbox (the first option).

    Restart Corel and fonts are clear now.

    All terms and names above is appoximate as I have a Russian Windows localization, so translation to English is not official.