Which software is better for designing T-shirts, Photoshop, or CorelDRAW?

The nature of Photoshop & CorelDRAW is different.
PS is an image editing software based on Raster, where CDR is a
Graphic Design Software based on Vectors. There has been a mistake.
If your design is based on logo or typography or picture or abstract, then it is the best option for a CDR.
The illustrator is the simplest choice when the T-Shirt design is made of a logo or text based graphic.
Naturally – most of the professional designers will be using both of them before editing Photoshop photographs to add text.
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  • The most important thing is the idea of design, that it was with some thought and idea, and not just because. I already know from experience that good design and developing it is already a big part of the deal. Especially, of course, it concerns prints for T-shirts. I found here https://masterbundles.com/best-t-shirts/ a list of some of the most creative t-shirt designs. Using a successful design that will be of interest to most people and that won't commit to anything is already a big help in selling these t-shirts, so it's very important.

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