Opening certain files have a bunch of lines through the image

I'm not too sure how or why this is happening, but some of these lines also show up on a test print of this image. A lot less than what's shown here but there's still some. Also some images that do this also cause my FlexiPRINT software to tell me it has run out of memory, I've even tried adding more to have a total of 16GB instead of 8GB, and when I've done that it would tell me this when less than half of the installed memory was in use with the program only using about 3-4GB itself. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

Here's the .eps file:

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  • Number 1 problem is that eps is not the recommended type for that kind of graphic. You'll have to ask for a pdf. Opens a bit better in illustrator but still not optimal. I suspect it was originally designed in illustrator but was not saved with the correct settings for an eps. Fairly easy to replicate in draw/photopaint though. Font is very similar to SerpentineDBol

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