File color not matching when uploaded to the we

Hi everyone,

I have read multiple forums and discussions on this topic, and still can't seem to come to a solution. I designed a cover for a booklet and was happy with the final result. I exported the file to a JPEG. Looked great. I then uploaded the file to Google Drive to share on social media. However, the color had drastically changed between the initial export and uploading to the web.

Here's what I have tried. I am a novice at Corel Draw and graphic design in general, so please keep things simple.

I read in this article that the problem was (as I understand it) the fact that the graphic was designed in CMYK, and the web uses sRGB, therefore, the colors aren't consistent. I followed these steps and it fixed nothing.

I have tried to export as a PDF in the native color - still doesn't work.

I have checked the box during the export process that embeds the color profile into the final JPEG - still doesn't work. 

I have put the JPEG directly onto my phone just to make sure Google Drive wasn't compressing it. Didn't fix it.

I've attached the problematic files - hopefully you can see the issue.  - this is the original file that is the correct color - I can't get the weird colored file to show up as this darker green color, but it prints off-colored to. I'm about to go nuts as I can't figure out why the color only changes when I upload the file to social media or Google Drive.