Ipad Pro 2017 Apps

I need to do some detailed graphic work for my business which will then be cut on a laser.. Bought a second hand Ipad Pro and pencil on Ebay recently to do this.

Can anyone recommend some software that outputs SVG files instead of bitmaps

Thank you

  • Vectornator is a pretty decent vector graphics application that works on the iPad as well as OSX. It doesn't have all the features of Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW, but it covers most of the basics. It's also free. It can import and export AI, PDF and SVG files.

    The iPad version of Affinity Designer costs around $20. It can work alongside the $50 desktop version that runs on either OSX or Windows. Like Vectornator it covers a lot of the basics but doesn't have full feature overlap with bigger applications like CorelDRAW and Illustrator.

  • If you get CorelDRAW Graphics Suite then you can use ipad version of CorelDRAW free... 

    You can downlad is here on appstore. So you can work with desktop file and ipad file on the cloud.