Changing black and white clip art to color

Does anyone know how to change b & w clip art color?  I don't want to fill the background or object, I just want to change all black lines to a different color.  I feel like an idiot because I have tried and cannot figure it out.  Many thanks.

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  • I had the same problem .... it's so aggravating!! I am constantly updating old black and white line illustrations and adding either gray tones or color to spruce them up a bit. When I jumped into this job, there was no Corel training. I just had to learn as I went. I'm a technical writer & illustrator. So, out of necessity, this is what I learned to do:

    First, open your black line art in Microsoft Paint, and zoom in on any black line.

    Use the pencil and choose a dark color like blue or purple color, and place JUST ONE pixel of color anywhere on a black line. Save and exit. Then, open your art in Corel and you'll have your full color pallet. It only takes one colored pixel for Corel to allow the color pallet.

    It's a bit of a hassle, but it works every single time! ... until Corel fixes this! We want access to FULL COLOR pallets - EVERY TIME, ALL OF THE TIME!!
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