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Hi All

I have to give a presentation this week at work, traditionally people have used power point or a .pdf

I was going to create the document in corel then go down the .pdf route,

I was really wondering because  I need to shrink the document as much as possible as to what resolution images ought to be? currently I have tentatively turned them down to 200 dpi but the file is still huge, anyone have a recommended size?

the other problem I have is that some sheets are portrait or odd sizes, they seem to look ok in adobe .pdf reader in full screen mode so will pressumably be ok for the projector?

Now I know alot of this depends on the projector itself and to be quite honest I dont know anything about it, I think its fairly standard and its one of those that you plug into your computer and it beams the image onto one of those roll down/roll up screens.

thanks in advance




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