one image on two pages like it is in Adobe illustrator

I am working with Corel on magazine A4 (sorry for my english). It has format of  A4. At first I create a document A4 and then iam filling it with content (text and graphics). If its done, i am printing it as "brochure" on format a3 - on one paper size A3 prints two pages a4 (for 32 + 1, 2 + 31, ...) I have to do this way, because when iam starting i dont know how will be pages sorted later.

I do not know how to do in Corelthat one image will be at two pages (for example- . the article about holidays is at pages 20 and 21 and holiday picture extends to both sides) .. it is possible to do ? in Adobe Illustrator it is possible (i can see two pages side by side, but I know later move them) i dont know, how can i do it in corel.