"Thick" vectors from thick lines in B&W drawing

hello everyone, I am converting images from jpg to vector because I want to engrave some woodbloks with it. In fact, with the negative of the image... These are thick paintbrushes, and I don't need to engrave only the wireframe - I want to have solid, thick lines of engraving.

I am using X3, but I realised it's not working fine because I don't get a negative when I invert the image. I get too many objects I think

 What I did was vectorizing, then converting to bitmap at 1200dpi, then vectorizing again. Crazy I know. Anyone has a better suggestion?



  • Hi Guiy,

    Others may know of a way to do this in Corel but unfortunately i dont. I used to use a signage program Casmate 6.52 and prepare engraving files with this (island fills etc) but this was a very old program (10 odd years) and there are other replacements out there.

    Considering how powerful corel is i would be very surprised if it cannot do this but i haven't found a direct engraving feature where you can input your router bit size and let it create the path movements itself.

    I think fluid is on the right track - post a picture of what your trying to achieve so everyone can hopefully find a way to help you out.

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