Trace Success Stories

 I've been trying to use the PowerTrace function with varying (mostly disappointing) results.  I end up doing the logos by hand tracing them in Corel.   The tutorials I found have very simple examples and of course they come out great.  But trying to do something more complicated like:


 I have problems with it due to the fill.  Tired to make it B&W but that didn't go over well either.


So who is having success with complicated bitmaps and PowerTrace?



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  • Actually, I find I use PowerTrace quite often to resize complicated
    bitmaps. Take my avatar. It started life as an 1382 X 1230 pixel Painter
    portrait I did for a class last session of LVS. (Yes, it's me, but MANY
    years ago.)
    I PowerTraced it, removed the frame with a couple of easy selections,
    (could have cropped it first, but didn't) then I was able to shrink the
    whole vector thing down to a suitable size and re-converted it to a
    bitmap. At that point, I threw it into Paint Shop Pro and smoothed a
    couple of the most noticeable jagged edges that resulted from the low
    pixel count and put the duck's eye back in, then resaved as a JPG.
    I find that process is usually much more successful in making decent
    looking thumbnails than a simple resample of pixels. Often the resized
    image doesn't need much touching up at all.
    This process works even better for enlarging some sorts of bitmaps
    without the pixelation that usually occurs!

    Have fun!
    Val P.

    ewmaloney wrote:

    > So who is having success with complicated bitmaps and PowerTrace?
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