Trace Lines using centerline option

My old version of Corel Trace allowed me to trace line drawings using a "trace centerline" setting but I cannot find how to do this in the new software. Now when I trace I get searate lines for each side of my drawn line and in between is filled with a colour. Does the centerline option exist in this version and, if so, where is it? If it does not exist, can someone suggest a simple solution please.

My drawings are in black ink on white background so colour is not an issue.

  • I am going to guess that your (new) version of Draw that does not do center line tracing is Version X3.

    Since you have  a previous version of Corel that does what you want, I would suggest that you install it on your system. You may have to do a 'repair' on the X3 version so that it will be the default version when you click on an artwork file to open it in Corel. The two versions can exists, side by side, on the same machine.

    This will give you the ability to do center line trace, with the older version of Draw, and have the traced result available to use in X3. 

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