Painting a rope ...

how can I paint a rope that goes throug a ring?

My rope is always behind the ring....

Can you please help me?

  •  Are you constructing your graphic in Draw or PhotoPaint?

    In Draw, you might want to investigate the principles of PowerClip. It allows you to place a copy of your rope inside a small container, revealing a little portion of it which can be used to simulate passing 'in front' of your ring.

    Create a shape where your rope will pass over the ring. Select your rope and then go to Effects -
    Powerclip - Place inside Containter.

    Select the shape with the arrow cursor that appears and click. Remove the outline on the container.

    If your shap doesn't appear in the correct space, go to Tools - Customization - Workspace - Edit and uncheck 'Auto-center new powerclip objects"