CorelDraw and Plotter Cutters

Hello,  First off let me say thanks up front for any and all people who can help me!

I have a couple of questions reguarding CorelDraw and which version would better suite what I need. 

First off I have a Vinyl Express R-Series II Plotter Cutter, and I have a Windows 7 oprerating system.

I would like to know what version of CorelDraw would work with my cutter? Also, does the corelDraw 11 work with windows 7? I have read some says it will some says it will not.   I have read several forums and related information.  However, I am new to the vinyl world of cutting.  I do know CorelDraw so that is not new to me.  I would appreciate any helpful information on what everyone is using or likes to use with plotter cutters.

Thanks Again