New computer transfer

Hello there,

Excuse the extremely low level of 'techxpertise' - just made that word up! - that I have but I really don't use it (CorelDRAW 12) much myself. But I need to be able to transfer it onto our new computer so I can print all our CorelDRAW DVD labels, covers etc.

I can't get hold of the original disc as it was installed when living in France some years ago! It may be in a box in a barn in storage there but I can't be sure. Anyway, I've just bought a new computer (here in the Highlands of Scotland!) and have had great difficulty transferring ANYTHING at all - the old computer's OS is a pretty old xp, WITHOUT Windows Easy Transfer! So I'm trying to transfer everything bit by bit, programme by programme, but I can't find instructions as to how to do that with Corel, only how to transfer a Workspace into an already-present Corel programme. The whole thing is a problem right now as the transferred files from the old computer, currently on an external hard-drive, are .DAT and the new Windows Vista's WET is expecting .MIG files!

Once again, apologies if this seems very tech-ignorant!

Any help,/advice would be hugely appreciated.