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Hello there,

Excuse the extremely low level of 'techxpertise' - just made that word up! - that I have but I really don't use it (CorelDRAW 12) much myself. But I need to be able to transfer it onto our new computer so I can print all our CorelDRAW DVD labels, covers etc.

I can't get hold of the original disc as it was installed when living in France some years ago! It may be in a box in a barn in storage there but I can't be sure. Anyway, I've just bought a new computer (here in the Highlands of Scotland!) and have had great difficulty transferring ANYTHING at all - the old computer's OS is a pretty old xp, WITHOUT Windows Easy Transfer! So I'm trying to transfer everything bit by bit, programme by programme, but I can't find instructions as to how to do that with Corel, only how to transfer a Workspace into an already-present Corel programme. The whole thing is a problem right now as the transferred files from the old computer, currently on an external hard-drive, are .DAT and the new Windows Vista's WET is expecting .MIG files!

Once again, apologies if this seems very tech-ignorant!

Any help,/advice would be hugely appreciated.


  • want to transfer to the new computer try some method:-

     Windows 10 at One Time
    1. Click + icon and input the IP address of your new computer so to connect two PCs.
    2. Choose the files on your computer on each drive partition, click OK to confirm. ...
    3. Method 2. ...
    4. Select the files that you want to backup from your old PC.

    and not get any solution form here try the blog of Error code 0xc00000e9 that help you in setting up the next method.

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