Corel Draw Clipart


Before i had my own version of Corel Draw, I had worked at a sign  company and they had corel draw also, but hey had this HUGE book full of cliparts or vectors. How do i find this , or where can i buy this.

I have just a few cliparts that came with my corel draw 12 which is a later version than what they had.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Also looking for black and white of all dog breeds.

  • sheric said:
    How do i find this , or where can i buy this.

    Few years ago I bought a collection of clip art produced by Corel called "CorelGALLERY 1,000,000" which is composed of 14 CDs and a thick reference book. They are a huge amount of vectorized clip arts, photos, sound files, animated gifs, etc. All this along with a file manager, plus a program for simple editing of images (Photo-House). Unfortunately – I do not know the reason – it seems that Corel has no longer produced that collection. I think it's  not easy to get a version of this set, anyway contact Corel or try searching on the Web.


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