opens blank page only

i have been working on this project in corel draw12 for several weeks now, as it is or/was coming to its final stages a few days ago it now only opens a blank page, it is 2.14 gb and it will get bigger as it reaches its final stages.
i can still see it in preview. when it was opening it took a very long time to open i realise the reason for this is the size im using very high resolution images and designing and editing
please can you assist to resolve this , or maybe there is another program that you may recommend that will support the size so i can complete my work. pleas help. thank you

i found a backup  copy  but it will not import the size is 1.70 gb seems its still too large to  open ,

i don't think it has anything to do with memory , i have a full drive laptop is new. my thoughts are that corel draw will not open a file that size, and you are right about  breaking it up i should have worked  in several sheets but saved them desperately.

i thought i would  try your advice but how do i break it up now  please explain it will not open. thanks.