Corel Draw 12 crashes after opening object manager docker

Hello. I have an odd problem, I have recently gotten a new laptop with windows 8.1 and reinstalled my CorelDraw Graphics 12 onto it with no problems. However, when I open an image or start a new image, the moment I try to open the object manager docker, the whole thing shuts down immediately. It only occurs when I have an open layer in the image (i.e. if I open the program, but do not open a "new" image, I can open the object manager with no problems) but as soon as I open a new layer, the thing shuts down.  

Anyone have any thoughts? I love this programme and want to keep using it.

I am running Windows 8.1 but was running the same operating system on my old laptop which worked fine with this program. There is something else going on. I have tried running it in compatibility mode, as an administrator, increasing the memory available to it etc... Everything. It opens fine and I can manipulate images with no issues, until I open that object manager docker.

Angela :)