Letter Height.

I have been using Coreldraw for years and have never figured out if it can be done. Is there anyway to make all the letters you type the exact same height. For example when I type an E and an O the O is always a little taller. Is there a way to force a size to make them cut all the same height?



  • I think that if you want the characters to all be the same height, a good answer would be to find a font in which all of the characters are the same height.

  • In any standard serif or sans-serif typeface (such as Times New Roman or Helvetica) it is normal for a capital "O" to be bigger than a capital "E." This is done for optical reasons. If the "O" was numerically sized the same height as the "E" the "O" would appear smaller than the "E" letter. Certain square-ish, technical looking typefaces may have all the capital letters sized identically. But such a thing is very undesirable in typefaces that can be used for paragraph body copy text.

  • You can "break apart" text then manually set the height for each letter individually then realign them. Might be a pain if there's a lot of letters though.

  • the O is always a little taller.

    Yes,, this is called optical compensation. You can make them the same size, but it would spoil the work that expert typographers from all over the world have been developing for centuries.It is done so deliberately, it is the fruit of a detailed study. Making them all of the same height will ruin the harmony of that font.