Can't apply Page Border guideline preset.

Version: CorelDraw 12

OS: Windows 8

Page Size: Business Card

I want to a apply Guideline Preset of Page Border so I can see guidelines around my page. But they don't appear. I can see 4 guidelines in the Object Manager docker though.

BUT if I change the page size to A4 this preset appear just fine.

I'm a new user. Anyone can explain this behavious?


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  • Well, it's an old version so I can't test it, but try this:

    after you create a new document, on the Property bar you should have two icons, one for change size of all pages  on the document and other for current page only. If the first option was enabled, itshould work fine, but if the active optio is "current page", the guides will be placed on the default page size (ie A4) Then, you can't see because are outside the page, but you can select on the object manager and manually move to zero position. Anyway, the risght way is to enable the first icon (apply size for all pages).

    I use a macro that include an option for add bounding guides to selected object