Changing a Text Style

I set up a style for text with BOLD enabled and named the style "Title Text". Then I applied Title Text to several text boxes (hundreds, actually) in several different CDRs.

Later I changed the text attribute of Title Text from BOLD to NORMAL. I expected that when I opened an existing file the change to be automatically applied to all instances of Title Text in that file; however, it seems that is not the case. I have to locate each instance of Title Text and then reapply the style to it.

When I open an existing file, how can I can automatically apply the updated Title Text style to all instances of text to which that style has been previously applied?

  • The style definitions are not a "global" part of CorelDRAW. They live in each individual document. You could have 100 different documents with a style named, "Title Text", and all 100 styles could be different from each other.

    I don't know how it works in older versions of CorelDRAW - and I don't have anything older than X7 to test - but I know that X7 and newer allow one to export and import styles information as .CDSS files.

    When you import a .CDSS file, if it contains styles that have the same names as existing styles in the document, you have the option to have the styles "merged". So, you could import a .CDSS that contains a Character style named, "Title Text", and then allow CorelDRAW to use the imported style information to update the "Title Text" Character style that is already present in the document.

    If I import a CorelDRAW document into another CorelDRAW document, I also have the same "merge or not" option if there are styles in both documents that match up by name.

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