Robots.txt using Corel Draw?

 Hello. I have been (still) trying to create and publish a Webpage using Corel Draw, even not being an expert at it (I have used Corel Draw for creating printable jobs for some time, but not Web pages). Everybody told me to use Dreamweaver or Frontpage instead of Corel Draw, which I know that are specific for Web, but I did not wanted to learn a new software from zero to make my website, specially after finding out that it is possible to do it with Corel Draw. However, I need your help with some issues, like the robots.txt.

I have read about the robots.txt page that "every webpage should have"... I have even learned how to create this page, using Notepad and writing User-agent: * and Disallow: /webpage.htm (I hope it is only to write these commands one after the other in different lines...), but how do I include these robots.txt file in my website and how do I submitt it together with the website to ie Google?

My knowledge about "Webpage creation in Corel Draw" is restricted to creating the pages, using the "Publishing to Web" functionality and then uploading the htmlpages and images directories via FTP to the server, so I don`t know how to include the robots.txt in my website work and how to send it to the server.

Thanks in advance!

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