ALT Comments on images using Corel Draw. How to do it?

 Hello. I have read that it is very important to include the ALT comment on every image of a website, in order to help the searchers' crawlers robots etc. Then I tried to do it at Corel Draw: I clicked on an image, then on Properties and then on the Web options. However, the ALT comment`s field seems to be locked, or disabled. Even if I click on that lock icon bellow (which I don't know why it is for) and open it, the text field is still disabled. It only turns "able" or "writeable" (sorry for my Engligh...) if I choose a page to link to through the URL option, but I do not want the image to link to any page at all, I just want to add the ALT comment to it.

Does anybody know how to do it?


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