Anyone got a comment on the CorelDraw Wow Book?

I own X3 version of the software. Does anyone know if this book would be useful in learning the software more, since it was written 10 yrs ago? Can someone offer a comment?

  • I don't have a copy of that specific book so I can't comment on it. I do have copies of various books on older versions of CorelDRAW from other authors and I do find that I can glean information from them. I'm sure it helps that I know the current version well so that I can "translate" from the older method to the current method for doing things.
  • Any book on CorelDRAW will give you an understanding on how to work and learn CorelDRAW or Photo-Paint. Especially the basics. But of course with each new version of a program comes new things added or enhancements to standard tools and features. 

    Personally I would recomend either Foster D Coburns books (DVD) and Tom Knights books (DVD). Nothing wrong in the book you ask about, but if you like to be more up to date, and really learn properly, then Fosters books (DVDs) are really good. Not only does he write it, buthe also educate infront of classes, like master classes.  And if you like to know properly about the world of Colour Management then go for David Millisocks book on the subject.