Type Facing text to exact dimensions

I am having a problem trying to get text to fit to exact dimensions.  Here is a link to a graphic representation of the problem I will explain below: http://i.imgur.com/9R68V.jpg


This is an example of a plaque I'm working on.  The red box Q will be a photograph while the black box will be text (represented by the blue lines).  I have a specific body of text that needs to fit inside the black box such that the left margin (segment AB) is exactly 1/2 inch from box Q.  Further, the text should also be exactly 1/2 inch from box Q at segment BC, such that the top of the text meets this 1/2 inch margin.


I can't make the text fit correctly.  If you notice the text line labeled Z, you'll see that the top of the text does not reach the segment BC, meaning that the distance between box Q and the top of the text Z is much greater than 1/2 inch.  If this is the case, the picture in box Q will be surrounded by unequal space on the right (AB) as compared to the bottom (BC).  Furthermore, the text beginning at point A and the text labeled X also need to reach the exact margins of the black box to meet the exact dimensions of the borders of the final piece.


When I use something like Text > Paragraph Text Frame > Fit Text to Shape, what happens is the line labeled Y clearly sits to low, making the line spacing force line Z too far from segment BC.


Hope this makes sense... I've been thinking about this problem for a week now and haven't reached any satisfactory solutions.

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