What can I expect in opening X3 files?

Hello Friends,  my beloved XP computer died.  I am ordering a win.10 operating computer and must order a more current Corel Draw.  I have decided on 2017 as it seems everyone hates 2019 and I think 17 will be  more compatible with my other things.  I have 2 lasers that are "old" technology but will run on win. 10.

My question:  I have 2000+ files that I created in X3.  I know 2017 will not open them so I am putting X3 on a win. 7 home premium 64 bit computer.  I just need to be able to open them and then recreate in 2017. 

I am not a graphic artist but I do create customer logos for lasering into recognition awards and such.  X3 does all and more then I require  but I need to upgrade.  

Does anyone have information that may help me avoid problems in my upgrading?  Thank you in advance.

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