Corel Draw X3 freezes.

Now and again when trying to open a file in Corel Draw X3, as soon as you select the file to open, it just hangs there and freezes. The file isnt even a big file, ie 300k!!!

If you then look at the Task Manager it shows not responding.

It doesnt do it on every file either, just now and again.

anyone got any ideas what this could be?

Just incase its needed, the PC is running windows 2000.



  • Indifferent  Hello! I Have great problems with my Corel`s view manager: 1. I reset Corel settings by pressing F8 when start Corel Draw - to the factory default. 2. Then i import my shortcuts. And. When i create new file on my Pentium 4 with 3 mHz and 2 Gb DDR memory - it opens very fast But if i open not my file - from another man from another computer and another corel x3 - i have in my view manager thousands of view - and my Corel will work very very ver slowly :( Help me please. What can i do...

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