Breaking node creates two new nodes, how to select right one to delete or move?

I just want to select the right one to delete instead ot deleting the wrong one then ctrl+z then selecting the other one and deleting again. If there is a way to know which node belongs to which segment please let me know :). Thanks in advance! :)

  • Wonder how 3 month old threads are turning up at the top of the forum lists. But anyways the answer is the TAB key.

    Hitting TAB or Shift+Tab will cycle thru the nodes from the selected node,  forward or backward respectively. Experiment and you will find the best way to use this tip to select and move / delete the node you want thats best suited to your workflow.

    For example lets assume you have broken a node between two other nodes. Select the next node on the path based on the direction and hit ***+Tab to get tot the start node of that segment  or select the previous node and hit TAB to get to the end node of the previous segment.

    Another example, when you break a node, one node of the node that was just broken into two, will remain selected. The selected node will always be the start node of the next segment of the path based on the path direction. Delete the node or use Tab or Shift+TAB as desired.

    Someday maybe I should sit down and compile a list of such hidden shortcuts I've discovered down the line and just assumed that everyone knew them anyways!

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