Using MS Word and Paste Special to paste link


I have been using Excel and Word to run serialization jobs in Corel.  I do this by Creating the cell size that will match my fixture spacing in Corel for my laser.  Once set, I have to copy the data and paste special the Word LINK.  This allows me to run the group of parts, then in Word, I can delete the Table cells that I already ran and, only with the paste link feature, when I delete the old data in Word, the new data gets brought into Corel automatically allowing me to print it easily.  

The issue that I am having is that when I paste the link into Corel, the data selection is limited to 7.5" in height, allowing me to only run a few parts at a time.  I tried changing the page size in the word document to 8.5 x 14" ddn't help.  

I did notice that if I paste it as a word doc and not a link, that allows more cells to come in, but it won't auto replace the data when I delete it in Word.  

So Does anyone know how to change that "available area" when pasting a word link?  Is there a setting in Corel that would change that?  

Please help as I have a large job coming up and it would make it go so much better if I could use more than half of my fixture.

In the pic, I selected an 8.5 x 14" page of data, should have had about 11 names, when I paste the link, this is what I get.