Old CorelDraw 4 Windows 3.1 version

My father still uses the Old CorelDRAW 4 Windows 3.1 version on a very old computer.  I am not sure how much longer this computer will stay working.  He also has a computer that has Windows XP sp 2 and a laptop with Windows Vista.  He would love to have his CorelDRAW on one of these other other computers (or both) but we cannot get the program to install and run.

Does anyone know of a way to have Windows 3.1 run in a shell program so Corel will work or of anything we can try to make his old program work on newer systems?  We are at our wits end and not very computer saavy.  Upgrading to a new version is not an option.  He is now retired and on a fixed income and the new Corel's are financially out of his (and my) reach.  This program was a huge investment for him back in the day and doesn't want to just lose it.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.  Thank you.